Convert Datafiles on CD or DVD to Data Files on Hard Drive - Unarchiving

Professional firms archived their key project files onto optical discs such as CDs and DVDs. These were the sensible choice for secure, cost effective longterm storage.

Today's computers are sleek, model units - all too often without a CD/DVD tray. Collections of discs have grown making them cumbersome to manage. Although the data on the discs remain secure the discs themselves are vulnerable to loss or damage. Ideally clients want a backup which is exceptionally difficult to do with optical drives.

There's a simple solution - copy the data files from CD onto a modern hard drive. Once onto that type of magnetic medium you can include these files into your normal data security process. Copy them onto cloud storage or a second drive. If you connect these files to your office network you can simply make your historic archive accessible.

Copying CDs "one-at-a-time" onto a drive is a tedious process. It takes too long and it's fraught with problems. You need access to an efficient automated process that can do this for you.

We can "un-archive" those optical drives.

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From CDs to hard drives / the cloud