Creating digital music libraries that are clean, consistent and a joy to use. Data Grooming.

Clean, clear, consistent music library

If you've ever ripped CDs yourself you might think the people who create the album data are out to make life difficult. We thought so too, all too often there were inconsistencies and errors that made any digital music collection hard to enjoy.Yes, you normally get the genre, album name, artist name, track number, track title and composer. But it could be so much better.We created our Data Grooming service to tackle this. We identified the factors that annoyed our clients and developed ways to put it right. This collection of tools falls under our Data Grooming service and it's a standard part of what we do.

Remove Duplicates

Everybody ends up with two copies of certain CDs. It's annoying but it happens.When we've ripped all your CDs we'll root out duplicates and remove them.

Album Art

When you buy digital music you get an image of what would have been the album cover.

We find that image and embed it into each track.

Disc Numbering

Of course every Disc 1 should come before Disc 2. Sadly not all databases do this.

We go through your collection to make sure proper order is maintained.

Classical Composer Names Standardised

Databases will give you Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, WA Mozart, Mozart Wolfgang, Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus, Mozart WA, Mozart WA 1756-91 and so on, as if they were six different composers. Similar problems crop up with all the main classical composers meaning finding the music you want by composer field becomes a nightmare.We standardise on just the composers surname - so all the above are replaced with simply Mozart. Same with Bach, Mozart, Verdi, Vivaldi and all the major classical greats.

Best of and Greatest Hits

You may have noticed standard ripping will lump all the artists into a single album if they've released a "Best of" or "Greatest Hits" CD.We add the artists name giving you "Best of Elton John", "Best of Sting" and so on. Vastly less confusing.

Too much detail

Why do the labels insist on adding [UK] or (Live) or (Bonus Content) to an album name?We don't think this helps so we remove all those stray words.

Feat? Featuring?

Many of our clients noticed the trend for the artist name to reflect not just the main performer but one or more others. So you get "featuring" followed by another name. Most music management systems treat this as an additional artist so finding all the songs by oner person becomes harder.On request we'll remove them and possibly hundreds of extra entries.

Brackets. Extra Long File Names. Incompatible Characters

We want to ensure the library you load into your computer is exactly as it leaves us. To make sure this happens there are several steps we need to take. You get the library you expect, we both get peace of mind.