The Status of Personal Collection

Last year we all sat and scratched our heads about the way ahead. I came to the view that we'd drop the personal collection aspect of our work essentially with effect from New Year 2018. Well, that's proved harder than I expected so here's an update.

Towards the end of 2017 it became evident that clients were keen to hang on to the collection option. I explained to callers about what was in the pipeline and how they could use our service at just 50p per CD provided they mailed their CDs to us. For a large number of people that worked pretty well. However there was a "hard core" for whom it wasn't going to work. Quite reasonably they said they'd be keen to go ahead immediately given the curtailment in 2018.

That's where we ran into issues. Sure, we can rip a lot of CDs but we couldn't schedule the number of collections / returns and handle all that ripping before father Christmas arrived. We ended up slipping collections into this month (January, 2018). No great problem, what's a few days between friends.

Another issue was the
podSERVE website which I hadn't edited to show no collection 2018. Just too busy.

Then there were the referrals. People passed on the message and clients popped up saying if the collection option was ending soon they'd like to go ahead now.

Put that all together and here we are, mid January 2018, and we're still collecting "in person" despite planning to cease. Whilst I'm pretty happy to have the business it is impacting on the other things I'd like to do or need to do. In an attempt to square the circle we're letting collection / return run but we've upped the collection threshold to 250 CDs and a service fee of £25. Today I've broke three clients on this basis, they're all happy as they have reasonably large collections. I've explained about the 50p option, they've considered it but nonetheless they'd prefer to pay the premium for collection.

Where do we go from here? I'm still keen to move to the all mail model. It's me that does the driving, lugging boxes here and there, climbing the stairs and I'd just rather not do all that. The pressure is there to get to the post but it's taking a little longer than we'd planned.

Oh yes, buy now while stocks past.