podSERVE - Personal Collection

We were one of the first CD ripping services to launch in the UK. It took a while to find our feet but things really took off when we offered to collect / return clients CDs in person. That's what we've been doing all these years.

As with all good things, personal collection is coming to an end. In December.

Exactly when I've yet to decide but the message is clear, if any podSERVE clients are thinking, evaluating. cogitating, prevaricating, hesitating or whatever - ACT NOW. Come 2018 or a few days earlier that option will no longer exist. There's more on the
podSERVE site.

Switching from collection to mail only is a bit of a gamble. As the grind of London traffic has got worse, as the standard of driving has plunged travel has become an unpleasant chore. Where once I could expect to be at a clients home in around an hour today you can get virtually nowhere in 60 minutes. Travel time has edged up to consistently two hours each way, making each project incur a traffic overhead of 8 hours.

Our clients are now working longer hours. When we began most evening collections were in a 18:00 - 18:30 window. This has crept out to 19:00 or 19:30. I'm no longer shocked when people ask for a collection at 20:00 (which gets me back home at around ten in the evening). Can you do Saturday mornings? How about Sundays? I think I could spend all my time driving.

Being selfish we feared revenue would fall away if we didn't collect in person. Over the last few months we've been offering people a choice between personal collection and mail based, albeit at lower cost. Whilst many people have chosen to press ahead with the more expensive option there are numbers of clients who have taken the alternative. Indeed this last week we've had over 2,000 CDs mailed to us, more than have been collected. I know how many hours that has saved me on the M25, how many fewer sojourns in McDonalds, how many fewer hours spent praying for the next set of lights to be green.

As of today there's a choice. We're still open to collection and happy to drive over to you - daytime or evening. But if you want that collection and mailing doesn't work for you, act fast, after December that option will be part of our history.